Retractable Awing Systems

Traditional retractable awning systems are designed only for sun protection. However, this function is insufficient for today’s lifestyle. Now, the public wants to be outdoors regardless of climate. The free spirits of today’s people crave to break down the walls that hold them back. They want to be out in all four seasons... We thought that the solution would be retractable awnings, fully compatible with glazing systems as a new version of current leisure spaces.

We thought, discussed and visualized for you... We researched about needs, wishes and desires. As a result, we believe that we are doing the best. And now, we present it to you...

Lighting solutions

Lighting solutions Spotlights and LED lights have been used to create desirable ambiance through a range of colours only by a remote control unit.

Smart automation system

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Truck System

Specially designed evo truck system is planned to achieve continuous movement without any friction under any moment force.

Big solutions for big areas

- 5+1 cell design stable beam profile - Can go up to 12m. width by prestressed steel wire or added steel profile

- Works silently
- Has 868 MHZ frequency that won’t be interfered with other radio signals
- Can be used with a remote control
- Single, group or central control system
- Self-control dynamic loading system before stopping
- Superior German technology
- “Black-out” feature that blocks sunlight and heat
- Flame retardant
- 800 gr/m2 density
- UV resistant acrylic coating for both surfaces
- Guaranteed against fading for 5 years
-Superior German technology
Isolation solutions
- Continuous stressed isolation gaskets
- Specially designed system for rainwater drainage that is compatible with any roof angle
- Double cell rainwater drainage profile to prevent hole damage during installation of side glazing systems
Clear junctions

While designing profiles, hidden junctions have been invented to create a homogenous appearance for decorative wood pattern applications. Additionally, this smooth profile design prevents outdoor debris from accumulating.


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